Friday, February 26, 2010

Tiyana's Week

Hello! My name is Tiyana and I am in Mrs. Harrison's class. This week in Mrs. Harrison's class, we have been talking about the Olympics. We made hockey sticks out of popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners. I liked making the hockey sticks but I did not like using the pipe cleaner sticks because the end kept poking me. One interesting fact I learned about the Olympics had to do with the Ancient Olympics. I found out the men used to play naked in the Olympics and because of this the women were not allowed to watch the men play.

In math, we have been talking about time and the clock. I learned 60 seconds equals 1 minute, 60 minutes equals one hour, 24 hours equals 1 day, and 7 days equals one week. Yesterday we learned when the minute hand starts to move around the clock, the hour hand also begins to move to the next hour. Once the minute hand hits the six, the hour hand is between the number we started on and the next hour number. Thank you for all the interesting learning this week.

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