Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Igloo Fell Like Humpty Dumpty...

Here is a recap the events in the fall of the igloo...

  • On Monday, Ms. Brenda asked me if the igloo was mobile because she expected a visit from the Fire Marshall any day! It needed to be moved because we built it in the hallway! OF COURSE the igloo is mobile ;)

  • About ten minutes later, Ms. Fulkerson poked her head in the room to let me know the Health Department was in the building. I thought the igloo needed to be moved IMMEDIATELY! So, with a push and a shove, we started moving the "mobile" igloo. In the blink of an eye, it creaked, it cracked, and it went down like Humpty Dumpty.
  • I decided TOO many people helped construct the igloo, and it needed to be salvaged. So Ms. Kearbey let the downed igloo sit in her library all week...thank you!
  • Some scavengers tried to loot the igloo, but Mr. DeLacey saved the day! Of course, the looters caused a stinch that had to be covered with air freshner!

  • All the kings horses and all the kings men came to school on Sunday to put the igloo back together again! THANK YOU JASON for spending your time at school to rebuild the igloo with me! It looks even better the second time around!

  • However...we need a FEW more milk jugs to top off the new igloo ;)
  • Check out the new and improved igloo below!!!

King and Queens of Bling

Week five introduced three new multiplication facts...6x4, 9x2, and 7x3. The kids learned to play multiplication war with a deck of cards. Make sure to play with your kids at home too! They can teach you how to play :) Three students made a 100% on their test this week...Brooklyn, Kolton, and Z'Naja! Congratulations to the King and Queens of Bling!!!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tiyana's Week

Hello! My name is Tiyana and I am in Mrs. Harrison's class. This week in Mrs. Harrison's class, we have been talking about the Olympics. We made hockey sticks out of popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners. I liked making the hockey sticks but I did not like using the pipe cleaner sticks because the end kept poking me. One interesting fact I learned about the Olympics had to do with the Ancient Olympics. I found out the men used to play naked in the Olympics and because of this the women were not allowed to watch the men play.

In math, we have been talking about time and the clock. I learned 60 seconds equals 1 minute, 60 minutes equals one hour, 24 hours equals 1 day, and 7 days equals one week. Yesterday we learned when the minute hand starts to move around the clock, the hour hand also begins to move to the next hour. Once the minute hand hits the six, the hour hand is between the number we started on and the next hour number. Thank you for all the interesting learning this week.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kings and Queens of Bling

With another short week, we did not add any new multiplication facts. However, we continued to review the previously learned facts. On Friday, we took a quiz and the following students made a 100% :Melvin, Tayonna, Kolton, Brooklyn, Hannah, Z'Naja, Desmond, and Ashlee! Lots of Kings and Queens this week :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Jordan's Week

Hello, my name is Jordan and I am in Mrs. Harrison's 3rd grade class. This week in Mrs. Harrison's class we reviewed our multiplicaton facts, and we took a test over them. I feel I did real well, but Mrs. Harrison will not grade them until the weekend. This week we have been talking a lot about the Olympics. We talked about the history and development of the Olympics. We discussed all the different sporting events that take place at the Olympics, and snowboarding was my favorite. I learned the snowboarders favorite saying is "SICK!" That means something is awesome. We also created an art project, and I did mine on snowboarding. I think it is one of the coolest sports!
Jordan and his kindergarten reading buddings, Michael and Javion, inside the igloo!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

School and Snow Don't Mix

Although school and snow don't mix, we have made the most of our days at school! Here are a few pictures of some Valentine's activities in the classroom...
Dr. Cheryl King, President of Kentucky Wesleyan College, read Teammates to us on I Love to Read Day! She also told us about her job and why reading is important for EVERYONE!
Desmond worked hard to make a candy necklace. When he gave his necklace to me to tie off...I demolished it :( Being the good sport he is, Desmond just smiled and created another one!
Jordan, Tyshawn, Tiyana, and Hannah created Valentine cards for important people in their lives!

My mom and I made homemade sugar cookies for the students to decorate on Valentine's Day! The kids added sprinkles, confetti, and icing! They were delicious...thanks for your help mom! Here is one of their many creations :)

Tayonna's week

Hello, my name is Tayonnna and I am in Mrs. Harrion's 3rd grade class. I was the classroom CHAMP last week, and it was a short one. We were only in school for 2 days due to all the snow. One day we got to write in our journals to our classroom friends. I enjoyed writing to my friends because I was talking to them about the Valentine's Day party, and all the fun we were going to have at the party. Since we were only in school for two days, we seemed to focus more on Valentine's Day activities. I made and decorated a Valentines card for my parents. My parents really loved the card I made them for Valentine's Day. The best part of my week was decorating the cookies Mrs. Harrison brought in for us. I put white and pink icing, sprinkles and some soft heart shaped candy. That cookie was very GOOD! I really enjoyed being the class CHAMP. I had an awesome week!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Igloo is FINISHED!!!

Thanks to students, parents, teachers, staff, and friends for your gallon size milk jugs! I added 33 more jugs to create the roof! The igloo is ready for reading!!! The GRAND total of milk jugs is 276! Tayonna had the best classroom estimate of 120, and Caley had the best reading class estimate of 160! The student with the best estimate in each homeroom will receive an Eskimo Pie during Friday Assembly :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Simile Poem

We recently reviewed similies during language arts time. Some of the kids chose to write a simile poem. Here are some of their creative thoughts!!!

As poor as a homeless person...Tiyana
As strong as a wrestler...Kolton
As smart as a computer...Melvin and Brooklyn
As thin as a model...Tayonna
As strong as a dinosaur...Z'Naja
As thin as string...Ashlee
As strong as a bear...Hannah
As ugly as a plain bulletin board...Tayonna
As ugly as Frankenstein...Z'Naja
As ugly as a toad...Brooklyn
As proud as a penguin...Ashlee

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week 4 Kings and Queens of Bling!

We learned 8x4, 9x3, and 5x5 over the past week. Congratulations to Kolton, Desmond, and Ashlee for making a 100% on their multiplication test this week! All three students have made a perfect score every week!

Because of the short week, we are not adding new facts this week. However, we will continue practicing all the facts we have learned, and we will take a quiz on Friday!!!!! Keep studying :)

Friday, February 5, 2010


I am sitting at my computer on Friday afternoon, and I cannot decide if I need to lay my head down for a rest or keeping moving to ignore the lack of energy! This week has been the busiest in my eight years of teaching. We had the book fair going on in the library, PACs My Pyramid program about nutrition three days, Grandy's Night, and a field trip to the RiverPark Center for Charlotte's Web. To top it all off, we have taped four lessons this week for National Boards as we finished our unit on culture.

After finishing the culture unit and learning proper speaking skills, the kids gave an awesome presentation today! Students from Mrs. Strong, Mr. Williams, and Mrs. Stanley were a super audience! We celebrated this afternoon with food from Africa, Asia, Australia, and Mexico! They sampled sushi, egg rolls, pavlova, salsa, and bread. Hannah was not impressed with the sushi, but Cameron enjoyed it! Kobe actually tried all of the food :) His mother was pretty impressed since he does not eat her cooking at home! Tyshawn liked my homemade bread...thanks! Most of the kids decided meat pie is like meatloaf! Hunter and Desmond gave a thumbs up for the food! Brooklyn was a member of the clean plate club!

To top everything else off, I added milk jugs to the igloo after school! I glued 75 more jugs to the igloo, and it is taking shape nicely. We are up to 243 milk jugs. I estimate we will need 100 more milk jugs to finish the project so keep 'em coming! Thanks to everyone who has taken part in our project!
Better get off here for now...time to start planning for another fun week in 3rd grade! Be on the look out for Tayonna's post at the beginning of the week!!!