Friday, February 5, 2010


I am sitting at my computer on Friday afternoon, and I cannot decide if I need to lay my head down for a rest or keeping moving to ignore the lack of energy! This week has been the busiest in my eight years of teaching. We had the book fair going on in the library, PACs My Pyramid program about nutrition three days, Grandy's Night, and a field trip to the RiverPark Center for Charlotte's Web. To top it all off, we have taped four lessons this week for National Boards as we finished our unit on culture.

After finishing the culture unit and learning proper speaking skills, the kids gave an awesome presentation today! Students from Mrs. Strong, Mr. Williams, and Mrs. Stanley were a super audience! We celebrated this afternoon with food from Africa, Asia, Australia, and Mexico! They sampled sushi, egg rolls, pavlova, salsa, and bread. Hannah was not impressed with the sushi, but Cameron enjoyed it! Kobe actually tried all of the food :) His mother was pretty impressed since he does not eat her cooking at home! Tyshawn liked my homemade bread...thanks! Most of the kids decided meat pie is like meatloaf! Hunter and Desmond gave a thumbs up for the food! Brooklyn was a member of the clean plate club!

To top everything else off, I added milk jugs to the igloo after school! I glued 75 more jugs to the igloo, and it is taking shape nicely. We are up to 243 milk jugs. I estimate we will need 100 more milk jugs to finish the project so keep 'em coming! Thanks to everyone who has taken part in our project!
Better get off here for now...time to start planning for another fun week in 3rd grade! Be on the look out for Tayonna's post at the beginning of the week!!!

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