Thursday, February 18, 2010

School and Snow Don't Mix

Although school and snow don't mix, we have made the most of our days at school! Here are a few pictures of some Valentine's activities in the classroom...
Dr. Cheryl King, President of Kentucky Wesleyan College, read Teammates to us on I Love to Read Day! She also told us about her job and why reading is important for EVERYONE!
Desmond worked hard to make a candy necklace. When he gave his necklace to me to tie off...I demolished it :( Being the good sport he is, Desmond just smiled and created another one!
Jordan, Tyshawn, Tiyana, and Hannah created Valentine cards for important people in their lives!

My mom and I made homemade sugar cookies for the students to decorate on Valentine's Day! The kids added sprinkles, confetti, and icing! They were delicious...thanks for your help mom! Here is one of their many creations :)

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