Friday, September 30, 2016

Weekly Letter from Mrs. Harrison

September 29, 2016

Dear Students,

Although you did not write a weekly reflection to me, I wanted to reflect on our learning and activities from the past couple weeks.  As always, our schedule has been FULL!  

Sadly, we spent our last day with Ms. Elder.  We haven't truly been able to say goodbye to her, but before the end of her time at Newton Parrish, we will give her a grand sendoff!  Thank you all for allowing her to learn from you.  Ms. Elder was really able to grow during her seven weeks with us!  In case you didn't run into her last week, she is enjoying her time in little people world :)

On a happier note, we ventured to Frankfort, Kentucky last Friday.  Our tour took us to the New Capital, Kentucky History Museum, and the Old Capital.  Thank goodness we had Ms. Moore and Ms. Fulkerson as tour guides on the bus...they shared so much information!  I am most proud of your wonderful behavior on our trip!

Our kindergarten buddies continue to visit us weekly.  You are doing a fantastic job reading and talking with them.  I love hearing the conversations between my bigs and the littles :)  I do believe I am already seeing growth in the littles...maybe not academic,  but definately social and attention!!!

The upcoming week promises to be a busy week for us.  Not only do we have our regular routine items, but we also have eye screening on Monday, Paragon money due Wednesday, fall pictures on Thursday, 4th grade musical on Thursday, Paragon inflatables on Friday, AND Sharpen the Saw on Friday!!!

So let's get ready to Put First Things First...WORK then PLAY!  Five days until the end of the first quarter and FALL BREAK!!!

Mrs. Harrison

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fourth Grade Invades Frankfort

Welcome to Kentucky's Capital!

Representative Jim Glenn greeted us on the capital steps!

Out on the balcony!

A Lego replica of the capital!

Kentucky Supreme Court!

House of Representatives!

Governor Beavin was conducting a ceremony in the rotunda!


Colonel Sanders Statue!

The Kentucky Museum had so much to see and do!

Welcome to Kentucky's OLD Capital!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Roller Coaster Fun!

What do you get when you give small groups of students tape, rods, pipes, toilet paper rolls, rubber bands, zip ties, and a ramp???  Roller coasters OBVIOUSLY!!!  The students were challenged to become roller coaster engineers, make a plan, create the plan, improve the plan, and present the plan. In 45 minutes, each group created and improved their original roller coaster plan.  The presented their roller coaster and we all celebrated with each other!  Check out these engineers...