Thursday, September 15, 2016

Weekly Letter from Mrs. Harrison

September 16, 2016
Dear kiddos,
Thanks for another great week at NPES!  It’s been another busy week with Grandparents Breakfast and the Book Fair.  It is funny how life changes!  I have always bought new books at the book fair for my classroom, but this year I decided we had plenty of books for the time being.  So instead I bought Jay and Eva new books…because you know they do not have any books at our house, right?!?!  HA!  I hope you spent your money wisely at the book fair and bought something challenging!
We have also worked hard on our Friday Morning Assembly performance.  Thank you for being willing to step up and have fun doing it.  Speaking of stepping up, how have you shown you are a leader at NP this week?
This week you worked on addition of numbers to the millions as well as multi-step story problems.  I am so proud of your effort on the multi-step problems!  You really showed growth mindset because you didn’t give up on the extremely difficult problems.  How do you feel about addition to the millions?  What would make the process easier for you?
Ms. Elder focused on a fall theme, tall tales, and figurative language with Johnny Appleseed and Paul Bunyon.  Tell me what you learned about tall tales.  Give an example to help me understand!    
Thanks again for another great week!  Next week will be our last week with Ms. Elder, and we head to Frankfort on Friday!  Make sure you rest up for next week over the weekend!

                                                                                                   Mrs. Harrison

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