Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Igloo Fell Like Humpty Dumpty...

Here is a recap the events in the fall of the igloo...

  • On Monday, Ms. Brenda asked me if the igloo was mobile because she expected a visit from the Fire Marshall any day! It needed to be moved because we built it in the hallway! OF COURSE the igloo is mobile ;)

  • About ten minutes later, Ms. Fulkerson poked her head in the room to let me know the Health Department was in the building. I thought the igloo needed to be moved IMMEDIATELY! So, with a push and a shove, we started moving the "mobile" igloo. In the blink of an eye, it creaked, it cracked, and it went down like Humpty Dumpty.
  • I decided TOO many people helped construct the igloo, and it needed to be salvaged. So Ms. Kearbey let the downed igloo sit in her library all week...thank you!
  • Some scavengers tried to loot the igloo, but Mr. DeLacey saved the day! Of course, the looters caused a stinch that had to be covered with air freshner!

  • All the kings horses and all the kings men came to school on Sunday to put the igloo back together again! THANK YOU JASON for spending your time at school to rebuild the igloo with me! It looks even better the second time around!

  • However...we need a FEW more milk jugs to top off the new igloo ;)
  • Check out the new and improved igloo below!!!

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