Friday, January 27, 2017

Mrs. Harrison Weekly Letter

January 13, 2016
Dear Students,
         Yeah…five full days of school!  Give yourself a BIG pat on the back if you had 100% attendance this week!  This is the time of year when all kinds of germs are passed – strep, flu, and stomach bug.  I hope all of us can avoid those nasty illnesses!  I’m sad to report our class attendance didn’t meet our goal of 97.2%.  We only had 96.1% attendance this week L  What will you do to strive for 100% attendance next week?  Remember those students with 100% attendance are in the running for a $10 Dominos pizza gift card!!!     
         I am excited to announce a new reading incentive that will start next week.  Although our class is amazing with our reading logs, not every class at NP can say the same thing L  Here’s the incentive…each week you read your 100 minutes, you place your name in the 4th grade box.  You will have 9 opportunities to place your name in the box.  At the end of 9 weeks, ONE fourth grader will be drawn from the box to receive a $20 gift card to Books-A-Million Book Store J  Have you ever been to BAM?  What did you do while you were there?  Did you purchase anything?  If not, what would you purchase if you received the $20 gift card?
         We finished fluency checks this week!  Fluency is the ability to read at an appropriate pace with few to no errors.  It is important to read fluently because the literature and information you read will continue to get more difficult in each grade level.    How do you feel about your fluency?  What do you need to do to improve your fluency or to continue growing through the rest of fourth grade?
         Our math topic is still fractions.  This week we learned about equivalent fractions – creating them with tape diagrams and area models as well as writing addition and multiplication sentences.  How do you feel about fractions?  Are you understanding the lessons or are you lost in the lessons?
         Our behavior was a little off this week…partly because we are stuck inside due to weather, partly because of changes in weather, and partly because we didn’t always choose to be proactive this week.  What will you do next week to show you are a leader at NP?
         Let’s end this letter on a positive note.  What is something you are super proud of yourself for this week?  It could be something you did at school or out of school.  It could be something that you were recognized for or it could be something no one saw!
         Enjoy your three-day weekend! 
                                                                                                   Mrs. Harrison

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