Friday, January 27, 2017

Mrs. Harrison Weekly Letter

January 27, 2017
Dear Students,
         Overall, we had an AMAZING week…until we returned from Friday morning assembly L  I won’t harp on FMA anymore because I know you will make better decisions in the future!  You are such amazing students, leaders, children!  Show it…all the time…even when no one is watching…BE A LEADER!  So tell me how you show leadership at NPES?  It can be something extraordinary you have done this week, or it can be something ordinary you have done this week and you’re not sure I noticed it!
         Be more like Martin Luther King, Jr., who we talked about this week in reading!  You brought schema to the discussion, but your schema has grown tremendously.  What is one new fact you learned about MLK?
         Speaking of schema, I know several of you are ready to start on your wax museum project!  I love that you are beginning with the end in mind!  It makes my teacher heart smile J  We have about another week of instruction before I set you free to begin your project.  Be thinking about an important person in history you want to expand your schema on.  You will be the EXPERT on this historical figure, and we will all be learning from you!  If you already have an idea of who you want to be, tell me WHO and WHY you want to be that person!
         We are moving along in fractions, and I still feel really good about our learning!  You took another fraction quiz this morning.  Tell me how you feel about fractions, and how you think you did on your quiz!
         Next week we will be focusing on leadership because NPES Leadership Day is next Friday.  You will all have a part in leadership day because we will have the open 4th grade classroom!  We will be showing off all the cool things we do in here.  What is your favorite activity we do in here?  It can be a daily, weekly, or monthly activity.
         Thanks for working hard this week!  We only had ONE day with students below white…that is out-of-this-world!!!  Our attendance was INCREDIBLE this week…99% J  Let’s keep up the good work into next week!  Have a fabulous weekend!!!
                                                                                         Mrs. Harrison

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