Friday, March 12, 2010

Z'Naja's Week

This week in Mrs. Harrison's room, I was the CHAMP of the Week! My favorite part of the week was on Thursday when the Real Science Guy came. He brought many different kind of animals to show us. He brought a snake, turtle, lizard, cockroach and a scary tarantula. I had no idea how to spell tarantula, so I googled it to spell it correctly! He talked about their different habitats, and if they were a reptile or an amphibian. I learned so much listening to the Real Science Guy. We also finished a book Mrs. Harrison has been reading to us for a couple of weeks called How to Eat Fried Worms. I like the book, but I thought it was gross. Today we are watching the movie that goes along with the book. When I was watching the movie I figured out the book was a lot different than the movie. Both were still very good to watch and listen to. Today we had a multiplication test, and I only missed 1 of 25! Check out the snake crawling over my shoulder!
Who said I was a chicken!!!

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