Friday, March 19, 2010

Kolton's Week

Hello, my name is Kolton and I am the CHAMP of the week. This week in math, we have been talking about fractions. We used a pie chart to talk about the different ways to split pies and cookies. I learned two big words that go along with fractions, the numerator (top number) and the denominator (bottom number).

Yesterday, Mrs. Carter, a WKU student, taught a lesson about the Earth layers. I learned the Earth has three layers, crust, mantle and core. She had us make a layer cake using gram crackers, crushed Oreo cookies and Cool Whip. I really enjoyed eating the Earth layered cake.
Today, we went to the RiverPark Center to watch a play called the High School Musicale by the Owensboro Dance Theatre. I liked the part of the play when they used a disco ball because when the ball started turning it was reflecting the light through out the whole auditorium. I enjoyed my week as the CHAMP!!!

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  1. Kolton - I am so glad you liked the layered cake. I really enjoyed teaching you all. Thanks for participating.

    Mrs. Carter