Friday, November 4, 2016

Mrs. Harrison Weekly Letter

November 4, 2016
Dear Students,
This week we entered the month of November, which brings even more fun.  We will discuss elections, Veteran’s Day, OIA Olympics and Thanksgiving.  I have several exciting activities for us to complete throughout this month; however, we need to work on our stamina.  We have built great self-paced math stamina as well as read-to-self stamina, but we are lacking with our work stamina.  It seems as though you all want everything NOW.  The problem is that 4th grade is NOT a NOW year.  In fact, no grade level from here out is a NOW year.  You have to realize the value of HARD WORK and PATIENCE.  Not every problem has a quick answer, not every assignment can be completed in 5 minutes, and not every project will be finished the day you start.  If you truly want to be successful, not just today, but every day then we must build our hard work and patience stamina.  What do you think you need to do to build your stamina, work ethic, and patience?
With that being said, we made great accomplishments with week.  On Monday, we presented our Halloween Fashion Show as well as performed two Halloween readers’ theaters.  Then we picked back up on our Red Ribbon Week posters.  Many of you used all of your time wisely and were able to complete your poster entirely during the school day…that is FABULOUS!  Others of you chose to use some time at home to complete your poster, and that was perfectly fine as well.  While a couple of you needed to be pushed and pushed and pushed, and redirected and redirected and redirected to complete your project on time.  Which category do you believe you fit in for this project and tell me why?  I cannot wait for you all to view each other’s posters and presentations.  We will complete that part one day next week!
         Since we started a new month, we were able to create our November calendar to begin with the end in mind.  What excites you most about November?  How do you plan to show you are a leader at NP this month?  Remember that leaders do not always have to accomplish BIG things for everyone to see.  Sometimes the best leaders do lots of small, unnoticeable tasks.  We read a book about Susan B. Anthony this week…she was ONE woman who made a BIG difference for all other women that followed her.  In fact, she died before her big difference actually went into effect, but her hard work will never be forgotten.  How do you want to be remembered?
         Thank you for being a part of my class.  Thank you for allowing me to push you out of your comfort zone so you can be the most successful person you were born to be!

Mrs. Harrison

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