Saturday, January 30, 2010

Igloo Update...

On Friday we continued building the igloo. The igloo is now six rows tall, and it moved into the hallway! One hundred two milk jugs were donated from students, teachers, staff, parents, church members, and family friends this week. The igloo is now up to 168 milk jugs and counting. Check back next week for more progress!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 3 Kings and Queens of Bling

This week we studied the facts 7x3, 8x6, and 9x7. Congratulations to the following students for making a 100% on their week 3 multiplication test: Kolton, Desmond, Tayonna, Jordan, Brooklyn, Hunter, and Ashlee!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ashley Week 2

Hello! My name is Ashley! This week in Mrs. Harrison's class, I learned about multiplication. This week we learned the multiplication fact 9x7. 9x7=63! We also have been talking about place value. I learned about what value each digit represents. We talked about numbers in the hundred thousands place value.

Something we have done this week that has really been interesting to me has been making origami flowers. I learned that origami is very popular in the Asian culture. Yesterday we watched video directions to make a paper flower. I learned it is VERY important to follow the directions really carefully because one little mistake throws the whole origami flower off. I learned it the hard way because I made my flower backwards :) Today we are making an Asian kite. We read a book called The Emperor and the Kite, and after we read the book Mrs. Harrison thought it would be cool to make a kite to go with the book. I am having fun making a kite. Check out my picture with my kite and origami flower!!! There is also a picture of the origami flower bouquet by the whole class.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Newspaper In Education

The students went on a scavenger hunt through the Messenger Inquirer for various concepts learned this year. Some of the items the students are looking for include parts of speech and punctuation. Tayonna, Z'Naja, and Hannah work together to find everything on their scavenger hunt list! From the look of things...the kids are learning, and they have no idea :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Week 2 Kings and Queens of Bling!

When students make a 100% on multiplication quizzes, they are deemed Kings and Queens of Bling. They get to wear the Bling Tags to recognize their accomplishment! The following students made a 100% on their week 2 multiplication quiz...Kolton, Desmond, Tayonna, Melvin, Ashlee!

Hannah Week 1

Hello, My name is Hannah! I am very excited about being the first student to write on our classes blog. I am writing to tell you about some interesting things that I learned in Mrs. Harrison's class this week. This week, my class and I have been practicing our multiplication facts. We have been going over all our facts and I am having a good time with all the games and activities Mrs. Harrison is doing with us. This week in reading, Mrs. Harrison has been reading Charlotte's Web to our class. We are currently on chapter 10 and enjoy all the funny parts the Pig, Rat and the Goose have. My favorite activity we are doing is learning about Penguins and building an Igloo. We currently collected 66 milk jugs and have completed the first two rows of our Igloo base. The picture shows how much we have completed and can't wait to read inside the Igloo when finished.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Beginning of the Igloo

As I was researching activities for my reading group while they read Mr. Popper's Penguins, I came across the idea to build a life size igloo using gallon milk jugs. As one who never avoids challenge, I decided to introduce the idea to the kids. Of course they took the challenge hook, line, and sinker! So...we are in the process of collecting milk jugs. We have enlisted the help of all teachers, staff, and students at Cravens. This "simple" mission has turned into a school wide project! All the students are estimating the number of milk jugs needed to build the igloo. The best estimator from each class will receive a treat :) Once completed, the igloo will be in the library for kids to read in during library time!
The first week, we collected 11 milk jugs, and we began building the igloo base (picture posted). This week we collected 55 more milk jugs, and we will continue building on Friday. I will post another picture of Friday's progress.

First Attempt...

With a little encouragement and help from my (favorite) co-worker, Mr. Ashley, I am attempting to keep a blog with my students. My goal is to add a new post and pictures at least once a week! With so much going on in our classroom, I doubt we will have a problem reaching our goal. Besides Mr. Ashley and myself, the classroom CHAMP (student of the week) will also add a new post from the students' point-of-view. I hope you will join us in our journey of learning!

Some things we did this week include...
  • Read Charlotte's Web
  • Discuss the Asian culture
  • Begin learning about time
  • Took a scavenger hunt through the newspaper
  • Worked to finish a poem
  • Talked about facts and opinions
  • Read Mr. Popper's Penguins
  • Learned 3x3, 9x4, and 8x2
  • Started building a milk jug igloo