Friday, January 22, 2010

Hannah Week 1

Hello, My name is Hannah! I am very excited about being the first student to write on our classes blog. I am writing to tell you about some interesting things that I learned in Mrs. Harrison's class this week. This week, my class and I have been practicing our multiplication facts. We have been going over all our facts and I am having a good time with all the games and activities Mrs. Harrison is doing with us. This week in reading, Mrs. Harrison has been reading Charlotte's Web to our class. We are currently on chapter 10 and enjoy all the funny parts the Pig, Rat and the Goose have. My favorite activity we are doing is learning about Penguins and building an Igloo. We currently collected 66 milk jugs and have completed the first two rows of our Igloo base. The picture shows how much we have completed and can't wait to read inside the Igloo when finished.

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