Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ashley Week 2

Hello! My name is Ashley! This week in Mrs. Harrison's class, I learned about multiplication. This week we learned the multiplication fact 9x7. 9x7=63! We also have been talking about place value. I learned about what value each digit represents. We talked about numbers in the hundred thousands place value.

Something we have done this week that has really been interesting to me has been making origami flowers. I learned that origami is very popular in the Asian culture. Yesterday we watched video directions to make a paper flower. I learned it is VERY important to follow the directions really carefully because one little mistake throws the whole origami flower off. I learned it the hard way because I made my flower backwards :) Today we are making an Asian kite. We read a book called The Emperor and the Kite, and after we read the book Mrs. Harrison thought it would be cool to make a kite to go with the book. I am having fun making a kite. Check out my picture with my kite and origami flower!!! There is also a picture of the origami flower bouquet by the whole class.


  1. I really enjoyed helping you all make the origami flowers. You all are so talented and did such a great job!

    Mrs. Carter

  2. Thank YOU for your help Mrs. Carter!!! We could not have done it without you! Look forward to seeing you every Thursday :)