Friday, October 28, 2016

Boys to Men

With all the skills these boys are learning, they will make wonderful husbands and fathers in the future!  Today they brought out the TOOLS...hammers and nails!  Some pretty cool race cars and monster trucks were created!

Thanks to Officer Sean, Ms. Jill, and Lowes for the cool activities!

OIA Engineering Visit

These fellas are freshman at Owensboro Innovation Academy (OIA).  They visited our class to teach some of the sound standards in our 4th grade science curriculum.  We were presented with a powerpoint to introduce/reintroduce the information.  Then we were about to make oboes out of straws as well as harmonicas out of popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and straws.  Making the instruments helped us understand sound concepts such as vibration and pitch. 

Our next step will be to create a classroom orchestra.  Mrs. Harrison CANNOT wait to hear the beautiful music our orchestra will create!  

Oh...don't worry parents...I will make sure to send home all the musical instruments so your children can serenade you with beautiful music :)

Attendance Touchdown

It's all about touchdowns here at NP!  Our weekly school-wide goal is 97.2% attendance.  When we score an attendance touchdown, we are treated to popsicles and extra recess!  Of course our weekly class goal is 100% attendance, and many students have set personal goals for 100% weekly attendance as well.  Please help your child be a part of the team and score attendance touchdowns!!!

Wonder what Mrs. Harrison will do for the class when we score a classroom touchdown of 100% weekly attendance?!?!?!?  Let's try to find out SOON!

Girls Etiquette

Our girls meet with Ms. Jill to learn the fine art of being a proper lady!  They will get to practice their skills on the last day with Ms. Jill at a brunch hosted by Walnut Memorial Baptist Church!  We are so lucky to have so many people and organizations dedicated to the success of our students!

Mrs. Harrison's Weekly Letter

October 28, 2016
Dear Students,
         Well…we survived!  Our plate has been full with Red Ribbon Week, Parent Teacher Conferences, visitors, and of course Halloween.  On top of that, I over planned (just like I told you I did last year).  I do apologize for over planning, but to make it up to you I am going to extend the deadline for our Red Ribbon Week posters.  They will be due on Friday, November 4, which will give us time to work on them next week. 
         Speaking of Red Ribbon Week, which day was your favorite day and why?  I really enjoyed seeing all of your personalities for the dress up days!  It’s fun to have fun at school!  Through all the fun, I truly hope you grow up to live a drug and alcohol free life so you can be amazingly successful!  You all have the potential to do so much!
         Several of you told me you were nervous about conferences for different reasons.  In the end, did you have anything to be nervous about?  How do YOU think your conference went? 
         We talked about sound this week, and even had visitors from OIA!  Tell me something you learned about sound during their visit and tell me which instrument you enjoyed making the most!
With so many things going on, it is easy to show leadership at NP.  How have you shown you are the best Bobcat this week?  Tell me something you WISH I had noticed!  What do you plan to work on for next week?
Hope you have a fun-filled weekend…don’t eat too much candy!  Come back Monday prepared to work hard and play hard!

Mrs. Harrison

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Flashlight Friday!

I love getting ideas from other teachers to implement in the classroom.  I have always wanted to incorporate flashlight Friday reading in my classroom, but the timing just hadn't been right...until this year!  I found a good deal on flashlights at Big Lots AND I had a coupon for the store...WIN-WIN Situation!

Once we were close to reaching our reading stamina goal of 20 minutes, I introduced the idea to the class and they took off!  I am super proud of our reading stamina, and many of the students are reaching goals!

You never know if a new idea is going to be a FLIP or decide for yourself with the pictures below!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Boys to Men

Check out these fellas learning the fine are of the handshake...stand up, look 'em in the eye, and give a firm, but not too firm, shake!  Thanks to Officer Sean for spending the next five Friday mornings with us and turning room 330 into the Man Cave!!!

Make sure to check back next week for the girls in action with Ms. Jill :)

Kindergarten Reading Buddies

Our weekly dose of SUPER cute :)  The kindergartners brought their own books to read to us this week!!!  We even got to help them finish some of their homework :)