Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mrs. Harrison Weekly Letter

October 7, 2016
Dear kiddos,
       At 2:45 today, you will officially be ¼ of the way finished with your fourth grade year at Newton Parrish.  It is seriously AMAZING how fast time flies when we put first things first.  I have worked hard on habit 5 – seek first to understand, then to be understood.  I know sometimes you all get frustrated with some of my management quirks, but I P-R-O-M-I-S-E it will pay off in the end!  I know I am particular about, well, everything!  But at the same time, I am getting to know and understand each of you and what you need to be successful.  Please continue to get to know me as I continue to understand each of you!  What habit do you show best and give me an example of how you show it?  What habit do you need to improve and tell me how you plan to improve?  Always remember it is important to strive to make yourself better everyday!
         Of course we have had another hectic week with plenty of interruptions for business and fun!  The Wright Brothers’ play has consumed a bit of time, but I am so stinking proud of the way you all pulled together to synergize and put on quite the performance.  It is one of my favorite elementary musicals in 15 years!!!   We also got to smile for the camera this week.  Thankfully none of you broke the camera since we were first for pictures.  You all cleaned up pretty well yesterday!  This afternoon we will sharpen the saw, and I know you are excited about it J
         We took our end of module math test today, which covered so many important value, rounding, comparing, adding, and subtracting.  How do you think you did on your test?  When we return, we will dive into multiplication…I can’t wait to see your pathways grow!
         I hope you have enjoyed the first quarter.  Tell me about something(s) you have enjoyed so far!  The second quarter is my FAVORITE time of the school year.  We get three holidays – Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!
         I will miss each of you during fall break, but I am tired because I’ve given you everything I have for the last nine weeks, so I am going to enjoy the time off!  I do not have any special plans except to relax and enjoy time with my family!  What will you do over fall break?    I hope you get to relax and enjoy time with your family!  Please come back ready to work and follow the Seven Habits!  If I haven’t told you, I am so glad to have each of you in my class this year.  You are all special to me and make my days so much brighter!

Mrs. Harrison

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