Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mrs. Harrison's Weekly Letter

October 21, 2016
Dear Kiddos,
Welcome back from fall break!  I know my family enjoyed the time off.  We did so many things from dancing at a wedding reception to ice-skating to Trunnell’s Farm!  Tell me your most favorite thing you did during fall break!
We have had a wonderful return this week.  You all picked up right where we left off both academically and behaviorally!  I am super proud of you for not wasting any time this week…you all know we have TOO much to do and many times we don’t get to everything!
The cool thing about returning from a long break is a fresh start!  So this week we kept our routine, but started new topics!  Our new chapter book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  What do you think of the book so far?  Good luck to each of you in earning Golden Tickets!
We are also working on our first writing piece , The Halloween Costume Fashion Show, and a Halloween reader’s theater.  Which of those activities are you most excited about and why?
In math we have started our new Eureka module – multiplication.  If you do not know your multiplication facts, it is so imperative that you study your flash cards EVERY NIGHT!!!  I promise it will make the multiplication module so much easier for you!
As always, tell me what habit your showed best this week and why.  Also tell me which habit you need to improve for next week and tell me your plan for improving. 
         I can feel the excitement in the air for all the upcoming and exciting events – Red Ribbon Week and Halloween.  Please remember we have to put first things first – work then play.
Can’t wait to meet with each of you and your parents next week during your student led conference!  Thanks for coming to school every day ready to learn and work hard!
  Mrs. Harrison          

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