Monday, March 26, 2012

Salad and Sundaes

Have you ever heard me say I work at the BEST place on Earth?!?!?  If you haven't heard me before, let me remind you why Cravens Rocks!

In an effort to raise money for March of Dimes, I decided to have Salads and Sundaes for donations at Cravens.  So on Thursday, my mom and I prepared all the fixings for a salad bar as good as Briarpatch :)  We decorated the teachers' lounge...the best a teachers' lounge can be decorated :) 

On Friday, they came...just like the field of dreams!!!  Of course, I knew they would come because we are known for eating at Cravens :)  But they also donated...all in support of March of Dimes to honor Jay and Eva!  Salads and Sundaes raised $450 for Team 4Ever Friends!!! read that right...$450!!!

I could NOT ask for better friends and co-workers!  It is amazing how we come together to support each other in good times and bad!  I am turly blessed to work with such wonderful people!  Thank each of you for your donation and support!!!

Mrs. Travis hung out for an extended lunch! 
Sorry Gale...I just had to ;) 
Even these big guys got filled up! 
Some of the 4th grade ladies! 

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