Sunday, November 6, 2011

November 7-11

We are moving on through the month of November! This week will be as busy as the rest!

TONIGHT (Monday) is Cravens Fall Festival! I plan to be here, and I will have a special booth set up close to the classroom :) I hope you plan to attend!!!

Tuesday is Election Day, and Kentucky State Law says NO SCHOOL because we use school buildings as election sites!

On Thursday, Mrs. Fogle will be here because Jay and Eva have an important date with the doctor!

Friday is Veteran's Day, and Cravens will host a special assembly to honor all our Veterans! It will be in the pavillion starting at 8:15 am.

Oh, and even with all of those events, we should still learn a little this week!

The Blue Reading Group will read The Boy who Didn't Believe in Spring. We will be learning about homophones. We will test over the story and homophones on Friday.

The Red Reading Group will complete The Kid in the Red Jacket. Many of the reading buddies have completed the story and are working on an iPod Project! We will test over the story and vocabulary by the end of the week.

These WONDERFUL writers will be finished with their Haunted House stories by the end of the week. I am really impressed with their effort and creativity! I will make a copy to send home with each student! Hope you enjoy their stories as much as me :)

My Lil Devils have earned 20 (actually 21) Brownie Points and will be earning a treat for their effort! What are Brownie Points?!?! Every time the class gets a compliment from another adult (transitioning through the halls, music bravo board, pe golden shoe, etc) they earn a brownie point. Twenty brownie points = a class treat!!! Make sure to ask your child what the special treat was this time :)

Those students hired for a job in the month of October will also be treated to lunch in the classroom and a small token of appreciation for their effort! New students have been hired for jobs for the month of November!

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