Wednesday, April 28, 2010

King and Queen of Bling

Only the strong will survive...

Although we continue to practice our multiplication facts daily, quiz #10 was a toughie! We added 7x7 and 8x5 last week. We continue to add to our flash cards, and many kids practice them throughout the day! However, only two students ROCKED multiplication test 10...King Kolton and Queen Tayonna! Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The KY Weiner Dogs

Earlier this year we read Dog Gone Wild, an adventure about Woody and Chloe the Kentucky Weiner Dogs! The story was featured in the Messenger Inquirer for ten weeks. The author, Leigh Anne Florence, resides in Shepardsville, KY with the famous Kentucky Weiner Dogs!
On April 21, Leigh Anne, Ron, Woody, Chloe, Frannie, and Wally made a visit to Cravens Elementary School! Leigh Anne read to us, told stories, presented Woody's Five Ways to Be Successful, and answered questions. It was an awesome visit! Check out a few pictures from their visit!
A BIG thanks to Mr. Gaddis for allowing them to visit our class! You can check out more pictures in the KY Weiner Dogs video in the Lil Devil Animoto Links!

Monday, April 19, 2010

King and Queens of Bling

We are on the downhill slide for learning multiplication facts. Today we tested unit 9 of 12 :) I am happy to report THREE King and Queens of Bling...Ashlee, Kolton, and Tayonna! They rocked the multiplication quiz! For continuing to do so well on their quizzes, all three students will be released from multiplication homework :) CONGRATULATIONS!!!
I foresee a few more Kings and Queens of Bling in the upcoming weeks! Desmond, Jordan, Melvin, and Z'Naja only missed 1 on their week 9 quiz...awesome job!

If you are still struggling, continue quizzing yourself with the flashcards we make! Take them home and work on them with parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, etc. If you are checking the blog from home, then you have access to the multiplication links as well!

This week we will focus on 7x7 and 8x5 :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Welcome Back!

As much as I love spring break, I am happy to be back in the classroom. Don't tell the kids, but I missed them...a little! We have been busy since our return as we are reviewing EVERYTHING from 3rd grade in two weeks...wish us luck! Can you say nounverbadjectivepunctuationcapitalizationaddition

Even through the reviewing, we will manage to have a little fun! We started reading Charlie and the Chocolate all time favorite book! We will focus on the great state of Kentucky in social studies! Of course we will continue learning our multiplication facts!

Ashlee, Desmond, and Tayonna ROCKED our first multiplication quiz, and they earned King and Queens of Bling for the week! We will being adding new facts next week, but be sure to review all the previous facts!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring break...

Happy Spring Break to all my followers! If you are at a loss for what to do with your children this week, here are a few suggestions, academic and non-academic!!!

The Edge - ice skaing is only $2.50 per individual this week
Public Library - nice, quiet place to work on those AR pointsLocal Parks - Moreland, Legion, Yellow Creek, etc. - get some exerciseBotanical Garden - check out nature's finestMalco Theater - Diary of a Wimpy Kid is playing
You can also check out the Learning Links to practice math and reading skills :) See you April 12th!