Monday, April 19, 2010

King and Queens of Bling

We are on the downhill slide for learning multiplication facts. Today we tested unit 9 of 12 :) I am happy to report THREE King and Queens of Bling...Ashlee, Kolton, and Tayonna! They rocked the multiplication quiz! For continuing to do so well on their quizzes, all three students will be released from multiplication homework :) CONGRATULATIONS!!!
I foresee a few more Kings and Queens of Bling in the upcoming weeks! Desmond, Jordan, Melvin, and Z'Naja only missed 1 on their week 9 quiz...awesome job!

If you are still struggling, continue quizzing yourself with the flashcards we make! Take them home and work on them with parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, etc. If you are checking the blog from home, then you have access to the multiplication links as well!

This week we will focus on 7x7 and 8x5 :)

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